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We offer a variety of gently worn and new children's clothing. Our site includes designers/brands from the all over the US and abroad. Visit the partial list to the left to find some of your favorite children's clothing designer and explore our collection of fabulous finds in excellent used and new condition.

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The Story

All Things new, Kids! was started in 2011 in Upper Marlboro, MD by a passionate and driven woman determined to change her perspective and acknowledge that through it all, Things can become new.

Everything we offer—our products, images, words and ideas—is inspired by our philosophy of Good. Quality. Fresh. New. Our passion for exploring different fashions and trends inspired from all over the world. We celebrate and share our discoveries, it reminds us how small the world is and although different, how alike we all are – we desire Good. Quality. Fresh. New. how all things can be new for anyone starting with our children.

Why the name all Things new, Kids!?

As the owner of aTn, Kids! I'm very candid in sharing that my life has been a whirlwind as it relates to pregnancy and children. Similar to every young woman who desires to have a family and raise little ones my desire was the same at a very young age. My journey on this path was certainly not a walk in the park. However, I have encountered that fertility and preganacy challenges affect many more women than may ever care to acknowledge it. I've dealt with multiple miscarriages, a delivery of still birth to a precious baby boy Jaidon My'Kai in 2009. In 2010, I had another son Xavier Lee who was born at 25 weeks, and lived approximately 4 mths in the NICU at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Xavier passed unexpectedly due SEPSIS a terrible blood infection he couldn't beat. After his passing, over the course of the weeks, my best friend and family came over and we packed up all of his stuff. All of the fashion finds that I had received from his baby shower, things I had purchased in excitement of feeling him move. They sat in my basement for over a year packed up and hoping for something different. Hoping that maybe just one day I'll have a family and they can use all the things I have packed away. In this midst of them "sitting on the shelf", I felt somewhat stuck.

Stuck in this place of just hoping and sort of defeated. Thinking okay maybe it won't happen for me, I would say things in my mind like - I'll never really get to dress MY OWN children in nice things, and find cute little trinkets that will make them smile. In this place – I tucked away all these thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires. I left them to sit with the clothes and things in the basement and just moved on with life.

The Transformation 2011

I had begun to attend church on a regular basis. My pastors began a series of teachings on all things being new in your life. The words they spoke literally breathed life into me. I felt motivated in areas that had been dormant, not even thinking about the "shelf in the basement". They encouraged the people to just "do something", and not to allow "life" to beat you up. To start somewhere – do something.

As I listened, I felt compelled to do SOMETHING. I decided to change my perspective as they encouraged us to do and opened up this can. To address the "shelf". Instead of looking at my situation, I began to think of others. Other mothers who do have children and could use the nice things I had accumulated. All the families that need help locally and worldwide. The impact that could be made in my community and the communities around me. I began to transform and was determined to use that "shelf" for GOOD. To provide VALUE pricing on QUALITY merchandise I owned. These items would be FRESH and NEW for the next person who encountered them.

Being all Things new, Kids! is about reminding myself and others everyday that no matter what happens in life, if I can change my perspective, that encounter and experience can become new. I don't yet have a family, but I have a promise. The promise that all things work together for my good, and that all things are new if I can just change my perspective. Until then I'll be a "mama" to all the little ones I encounter and embrace their families with love and compassion through this business endeavour.

No matter what it may have been to you before join aTn, Kids! on the journey. Find the Good. The Value. The Quality. The Fresh. The New, Let it begin with YOU.

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Peace and Blessings!
all Things new, Kids!